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601 Engelbertina German Bright angel. F
602 Engelbertine German Bright angel Note: 'This Database is Copyright Muse Creations Inc. 2000'.. F
603 Engl Celtic Light. F
604 Engleberta German Bright angel. F
605 Engracia Spanish Graceful. F
606 Enid ArthurianLegend From the Welsh 'enaid,' meaning soul or life. Also faithful or abused wife. Famous bearer: children's writer Enid Blyton. F
607 Enid Celtic Spirit. F
608 Enid English Fair. F
609 Enid Welsh Woodlark. Life. From 'enaid,' meaning soul or life. F

610 Enide ArthurianLegend Faithful or abused wife. F
611 Enit English Fair. F
612 Enit Welsh Woodlark. F
613 Enite ArthurianLegend Faithful or abused wife. F
614 Ennea Greek Born ninth. F
615 Ennis Irish From Ennis. F
616 Enola NativeAmerican Solitary. F
617 Enon Biblical Cloud, mass of darkness, fountain, eye. F
618 Enrhydreg Welsh Legendary daughter of Tuduathar. F
619 Enrica Spanish Rules her household. Feminine of Henry. F
620 Enrica Teutonic Ruler of the home. F