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641 Ephes-dammim Biblical Effusion of blood F
642 Ephesus Biblical Desirable. F
643 Ephie Greek Well spoken. F
644 Ephphatha Biblical Be opened. F
645 Ephratah Biblical Abundance, bearing fruit. F
646 Ephrath Biblical Abundance, bearing fruit. F
647 Ephyra Latin Daughter of Oceanus. F
648 Epicurean Biblical Follower of Epicurus i.e. of one who gives assistance. F
649 Epide Greek Hope. F

650 Epione Latin Wife of Asclepius. F
651 Epona Latin Protectress of horses. F
652 Eppie English A diminutive of Euphemia or Hephzibah, also used as an independent name. F
653 Eppie Hebrew Diminutive of Hephzibah: My delight is in her. F
654 Eppie Scottish Diminutive of Euphemia: A popular Scottish name taken from the Greek, meaning auspicious speech or good repute. F
655 Equestris Latin Venus's surname. F
656 Eraman German Honorable. F
657 Eramana German Honorable. F
658 Erato Greek Muse of erotic poetry. F
659 Erdudvyl Welsh Legendary daughter of Tryffin. F
660 Erea Celtic From Ireland. F