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821 Ethelind Teutonic Intelligent. F
822 Ethelinda English From Aethelind, the Old English equivalent of an Old German name derived from athal 'noble' and lindi 'snake'. F
823 Ethelinda German Noble serpent. F
824 Ethelinda Teutonic Intelligent. F
825 Ethelinde German Noble serpent. F
826 Ethelinde Teutonic Intelligent. F
827 Ethelreda English Noble maiden. F
828 Ether Biblical Talk. F
829 Etheswitha Anglo-Saxon Name of a princess. F

830 Ethiopia Biblical Blackness, heat. F
831 Ethna Irish Graceful. F
832 Ethne Celtic Fire. F
833 Ethne Gaelic Feminine equivalent of the Irish Gaelic Aidan, a name popular in the 7th century after the famous Irish monk Aidan. F
834 Ethni Biblical Strong. F
835 Etilka Hebrew Noble. F
836 Etilka Hungarian Hungarian form of Ethel, meaning noble. F
837 Etney Irish Feminine form of Aidan: fire. F
838 Etta English Abbreviation for Henrietta and Harriette. F
839 Etta French Diminutive of Henrietta: Keeper of the hearth. Rules her household. From Henriette, the French feminine form of Henry. F
840 Etta German Little one. F