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881 Euphemie Greek Well spoken. F
882 Euphrates Biblical That makes fruitful. F
883 Euphrosyne Greek Good cheer. F
884 Eurayle Greek Wanders far. F
885 Eurneid Welsh Legendary daughter of CIydno. F
886 EurolwVn Welsh Legendary daughter of Gwydo!wyn. F
887 Europa Greek Mother of Minos. F
888 Eurybia Latin Amazon. F
889 Eurydice Greek Wife of Orpheus. F

890 Eurydice Latin Wife of Aeneas. F
891 Euryganeia Latin Wife of Oedipus. F
892 Euryle Latin Mother of Orion. F
893 Eurymede Latin Mother of Bellerphon. F
894 Eurynassa Latin Mother of Pelops. F
895 Eurynome Greek Goddess of aIl. F
896 Eurynome Latin Daugbter of Nysus. F
897 Eustacia Greek Feminine form of Eustace: Fruitful, productive. F
898 Eustacia Latin Productive. Feminine of Eustace. F
899 Eustada Latin Tranquil. F
900 Eustella Greek Fair star. F