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181 Elizabetta Italian Italian form of Elizabeth: consecrated to God. F
182 Elizaveta Hebrew Devoted to God. F
183 Elka Hebrew Oath to God. F
184 Ella English Abbreviation of Eleanor and Ellen: Beautiful fairy. A diminutive of feminine names begining with El or ending with ella. Famous bearer: American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald; American poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox. F
185 Ella French Medieval given name meaning all.. F
186 Ella German From the Old German name Alia, meaning all. F
187 Ellecia English Variant of Elias which is the Greek form of Elijah. F
188 Ellena English Variant of Helen. Means Light or most beautiful woman. F
189 Ellia English Abbreviation of Eleanor and Ellen. F

190 Ellisha English Variant of Elias which is the Greek form of Elijah. F
191 Ellora Indian The name given to the cave temples of India. F
192 Elma English Used as a diminutive of many feminine name ending in 'elma'. Also a name derived from a compound of the first two letters of Elizaheth and Mary. F
193 Elma German God's protection. F
194 Elma Greek Friendly. F
195 Elmina Teutonic Intimidating fame. F
196 Elmira English Noble. F
197 Elmyra English Noble. F
198 Elnora English Variant of Eleanor. F
199 Elnora Greek Light. F
200 Eloina Latin Worthy. F