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241 Elyssa Greek Variant of Elissa. From the blessed isles. F
242 Elyta English Winged. F
243 Elyza English Variant of Elizabeth. My God is bountiful;God of plenty. F
244 Elzbieta Polish Variant of English/Hebrew name Elizabeth. My God is bountiful;God of plenty. F
245 Elzira Hebrew Devoted to God. F
246 Ema German Serious. F
247 Ema Hungarian Serious. F
248 Ema Norse Wife of Jarl. F
249 Ema Spanish Grandmother. F

250 Ema Teutonic Nurse. F
251 Emanuela Hebrew Feminine variant of Emanuel, meaning God with us. F
252 Embla Norse From an elm. F
253 Emelia Latin Industrious; striving. F
254 Emelina Teutonic Hard working. F
255 Emera Latin Worthy of merit. F
256 Emesta Spanish Serious. F
257 Emesta Teutonic Directed. F
258 Emestina German Serious. F
259 Emilia German Variant of Emily. F
260 Emilia Italian Italian form of Emily: industrious. F