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261 Emilia Latin Industrious; striving. F
262 Emilia Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' A lady attending on the Queen. 'The Tragedy of Othello, Moor of Venice' Wife to Iago, and lady-in-waiting to Desdemona. F
263 Emilia Spanish Flattering. F
264 Emilia Swedish Industrious. F
265 Emira Latin Worthy of merit. F
266 Emma English Whole; complete. F
267 Emma German Whole. Complete. Universal. Old German 'ermin' or 'irmin', meaning universal. Famous bearer: 1960s television character Emma Peel in 'The Avengers'; Lady Emma Hamilton, mistress to Lord Horatio Nelson. F
268 Emma Swedish Universal. F
269 Emma Teutonic Nurse. F

270 Emmanuela Hebrew Feminine variant of Emanuel, meaning God with us. F
271 Emmanuella Hebrew Faith. F
272 Ena Celtic Passionate or fiery. F
273 Ena English Variant of Ina: A diminutive of any names ending in 'ina' or 'ena' used as a nickname. Famous bearer: In 1906 Queen Victoria's granddaughter Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena, known as Princess Ena, became Queen of Spain. F
274 Ena Greek Diminutive of Eugenia: Nobility, well born. A feminine form of Eugene. F
275 Ena Irish Ardent, graceful. Variant of Eshne: Little fire, from Irish Gaelic. Also feminine form of Aidan: fire. F
276 Endora Greek Light. F
277 Enerstina English Serious. F
278 Engelbertha German Bright angel. F
279 Engelbertina German Bright angel. F
280 Engleberta German Bright angel. F