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21 Echidna Egyptian Mythical monster. F
22 Echidna Greek A child of the Titans. F
23 Echidna Latin Monster. F
24 Eda Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. F
25 Eda English Diminutive of Edith: Happy warfare. Spoils of war. Wealthy. From the Old English name Eadgyth, meaning rich or happy, and war. F
26 Eda Greek Generation. F
27 Eda Norse Poetry. F
28 Edana Celtic Passionate. F
29 Edana Gaelic Fiery. F

30 Edana Irish Feminine form of Aidan: fire. F
31 Edburga Teutonic Wealthy defender. F
32 Edda Dutch Poetic. F
33 Edda German Pleasant. Strives. Variant of Hedda or Hedwig. F
34 Edda Norse Poetry. F
35 Edelina English Spoils of war. F
36 Edelina German Gracious. F
37 Edelina Teutonic Noble. F
38 Edenia Spanish Pleasure. From the Hebrew Eden which was the gardenlike biblical first home of Adam and Eve in the bible. F
39 Edina Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. F
40 Edina English Wealthy friend. F