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381 Etta French Diminutive of Henrietta: Keeper of the hearth. Rules her household. From Henriette, the French feminine form of Henry. F
382 Etta German Little one. F
383 Etta Latin Abbreviation for Henrietta and Harriette. F
384 Etta Teutonic Ruler of the home. F
385 Euandra Latin Amazon. F
386 Eudocia Greek Highly regarded. F
387 Eudokia Greek Highly regarded. F
388 Eudosia Greek Highly regarded. F
389 Eudoxia Greek Highly regarded. F

390 Eugena Greek Wellborn. Feminine of Eugene. F
391 Eugenia French Noble. F
392 Eugenia Greek Nobility, well born. A feminine form of Eugene. F
393 Eugina Greek Wellborn. Feminine of Eugene. F
394 EuIycleia Greek Nurse of Odysseus. F
395 Eula Greek Sweet-spoken. F
396 Eulalia Greek Sweetly speaking, sweet-spoken. Famous bearer; 4th century Spanish martyr St Eulalia. F
397 Eulallia Greek Well spoken. F
398 Eulia Greek Sweet-spoken. F
399 Eunomia Greek Order. F
400 Euphemia Greek Auspicious speech or good repute. Famous bearer: 4th-century martyr St Euphemia. F