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41 Edina Scottish From Edinburgh. F
42 Edita Anglo-Saxon Joyous. F
43 Edita Italian Wealthy. F
44 Edita Spanish Spoils of war. F
45 Editha Anglo-Saxon Joyous. F
46 Editta Italian Wealthy. F
47 Editta Teutonic Wealthy present. F
48 Edla Anglo-Saxon Princess. F
49 Edmanda English Rich benefactress. F

50 Edmonda Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. F
51 Edmonda English Rich benefactress. F
52 Edmunda Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. F
53 Edmunda English Rich benefactress. F
54 Edna Celtic Fire. F
55 Edna English Variant of Edwina, meaning wealthy friend, or rich in friendship. F
56 Edna Hebrew Rejuvenation, pleasure; delight. Derived from the same word as the biblical Garden of Eden. F
57 Edolia Teutonic Good humor. F
58 Edra English Powerful. F
59 Edra Hebrew Powerful. F
60 Edra Teutonic Wealthy defender. F