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61 Edrea English Powerful. F
62 Edrea Hebrew Powerful. F
63 Edrea Teutonic Wealthy defender. F
64 Eduarda English Rich benefactress. F
65 Edulica Latin Protectress of children. F
66 Edwina English Feminine form of Edwin: Rich in friendship, or wealthy friend. From the Old English name Eadwine, meaning rich or happy, and friend. F
67 Edwinna English Rich in friendship. Feminine of Edwin. F
68 Edyta Polish Polish form of Edith: wealthy gift. F
69 Edyta Teutonic Wealthy present. F

70 Edytha English Spoils of war. F
71 Eeva Finnish Life. F
72 Eeva Hebrew Life. F
73 Efa Welsh Welsh form of Eve, meaning life. F
74 Eferhilda English Bear or warrior maiden. F
75 Egberta English Shining sword. F
76 Egbertina English Shining sword. F
77 Egeria Greek A water nymph. F
78 Egeria Latin Cumaean. F
79 Egesta Latin Daughter of Phoenodamas. F
80 Egidia Latin A form of Aegidius, a Latin name based on the Greek word for kid or goatskin. F