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101 Elvyne English Good elf. F
102 Elwine Anglo-Saxon Friend of the elves. F
103 Elyce English Variant of Elias which is the Greek form of Elijah. F
104 Elyse German Noble. F
105 Elyse Greek Variant of Elissa. From the blessed isles. F
106 Elysse Greek Variant of Elissa. From the blessed isles. F
107 Emalee Latin Industrious; striving. F
108 Emeline English Variant of the French Emmeline, which ultimately derives from the Old German 'amal' meaning labor. F
109 Emeline French Hardworking. Variant of Emily, from an Old German variant of Emmeline. F

110 Emeline Teutonic Hard working. F
111 Emelye English From the Latin Aemilia, the feminine form of the Roman clan name Aemilius, anglicized by Chaucer. F
112 Emeraude French Emerald. F
113 Emere Maori Maori form of Emily. F
114 Emestine German Serious. F
115 Emestine Teutonic Directed. F
116 Emilee Latin Industrious; striving. F
117 Emilie German German form of Emily. F
118 Emilie Latin Industrious; striving. F
119 Emilie Spanish Flattering. F
120 Emilie Teutonic Hard working. F