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241 Fingula Celtic Mythical daughter of Lyr. F
242 Finna Irish Fair. F
243 Finola Gaelic Variant of Fenella: White shoulder. From 'Fionnghuala' or 'Fionnuala'. F
244 Finola Irish Fair shoulders. A variant of Fenella. F
245 Fiona Celtic White or comely. F
246 Fiona Gaelic White or fair. Reportedly first used as a name by Scottish author William Sharp, who used the pseudonym Fiona MacLeod. F
247 Fiona Irish Fair. F
248 Fiona Scottish Fair. F
249 Fionn Irish Fair. F

250 Fionna Irish Fair. F
251 Fionnghuala Gaelic Flower. F
252 Fionnghuala Irish White shouldered. F
253 Fionnuala Gaelic A Gaelic name of unknown meaning. F
254 Fionnuala Irish Fair shoulders. F
255 Fiorenza Italian Flower. F
256 Fiorenza Latin Flower. F
257 Firdaus Muslim Garden. Paradise. Highest garden in paradise.. F
258 Firdaws Muslim Variant of Firdaus: Garden. Paradise. Highest garden in paradise.. F
259 Firenze Hungarian Flower. F
260 Firtha Scottish Arm of the sea. F