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261 Firyal Muslim Proper Name.. F
262 Fit'in Muslim Clever. Smart.. F
263 Fjorgyn Norse Mother of Thor. F
264 Flair English Style; verve. F
265 Flamina Latin A Roman priestess. F
266 Flaminia Latin A Roman priestess. F
267 Flanna Irish Red haired. F
268 Flavia Italian Blond. F
269 Flavia Latin Derived from the clan name 'Flavius', meaning yellow, chosen as a reference to the bearer's hair color. F

270 Fleda Teutonic Swift. F
271 Flede Teutonic Swift. F
272 Fleta English Swift. F
273 Fleta Teutonic Swift. F
274 Fleur English Variant of Flower: Flower - a nature name. F
275 Fleur French Flower. Famous bearer: British writer John Galsworthy's heroine in 'The Forsyte Saga'. F
276 Fleurette French Little flower. F
277 Flita Teutonic Swift. F
278 Flo Latin Diminutive of Flora: The mythological Roman goddess of flowers. Diminutive of Florence: From 'florentius' or 'florentia', meaning flowering or flourishing. Famous bearer:. F
279 Flo NativeAmerican Arrow. F
280 Flor Latin Flower. F