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321 Flurry Latin Diminutive of Flora: The mythological Roman goddess of flowers. Diminutive of Florence: From 'florentius' or 'florentia', meaning flowering or flourishing. Famous bearer:. F
322 Flyta English Swift. F
323 Fomax Latin Goddess of bread. F
324 Fonda English Tender. F
325 Fonda Spanish Profound. F
326 Fontanne French Fountain; spring. F
327 Forba Scottish Headstrong. F
328 Forbia Scottish Headstrong. F
329 Ford Shakespearean 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' Mistress Ford. F

330 Forenza Latin Flower. F
331 Fortuna Italian Lucky. F
332 Fortuna Latin Fortune, fortunate. The mythological Roman oman goddess of luck, fortune and chance, often depicted with the wheel she turned to attract success or failure. She also steered lives with a rudder. F
333 Fortuna Spanish Lucky. F
334 Fortunata Latin Fortunate. F
335 Fortunatus Biblical Lucky, fortunate. F
336 Fortune Latin From 'fortuna' meaning fortunate or good luck. A popular 17th Century Puritan name. F
337 Fotina Teutonic Free. F
338 Fran Latin From France or 'free one.' Feminine of Francis. Diminutive of Frances. F
339 Franca Spanish A dimunitive of Francisca, derived from the Latin Francis, meaning French, from France, or free one. F
340 France English Modern variants of Frances meaning From France or free one. F