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161 Florinda French Flower. F
162 Florinda Latin Variant of Flora: The mythological Roman goddess of flowers. From 'floris' meaning flower. Famous bearers: Scottish heroine Flora MacDonald helped Bonnie Prince Charlie. F
163 Florinia Spanish Blooming. F
164 Florita Spanish Flower. F
165 Florka Hungarian Flower. F
166 Flyta English Swift. F
167 Fonda English Tender. F
168 Fonda Spanish Profound. F
169 Forba Scottish Headstrong. F

170 Forbia Scottish Headstrong. F
171 Forenza Latin Flower. F
172 Fortuna Italian Lucky. F
173 Fortuna Latin Fortune, fortunate. The mythological Roman oman goddess of luck, fortune and chance, often depicted with the wheel she turned to attract success or failure. She also steered lives with a rudder. F
174 Fortuna Spanish Lucky. F
175 Fortunata Latin Fortunate. F
176 Fotina Teutonic Free. F
177 Franca Spanish A dimunitive of Francisca, derived from the Latin Francis, meaning French, from France, or free one. F
178 Francena French Variant of Frances meaning 'From France' or 'free one'. F
179 Francesca Italian Derived from the Latin Frances meaning French, or free one. Famous bearer: 15th century Roman noblewoman St Francesca Romana (St Frances of Rome), British actress Francesca Annis. F
180 Francesca Latin Variant of Frances: From France or 'free one.' Feminine of Francis. Famous bearers: British novelist Frances Burney and actress Frances Kemble. F