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321 Gilead Biblical The heap or mass of testimony. F
322 Gilgal Biblical Wheel, rolling, heap. F
323 Gili Hebrew Eternal joy. F
324 Gilia Hebrew Eternal joy. F
325 Gilit Hebrew Eternal joy. F
326 Gill English A diminutive of Gillian, meaning young. Often used as an independent name. F
327 Gill Latin Young. F
328 Gillian English Child of the gods. A feminine form of Julian, meaning Jove's child. F
329 Gillian Latin Feminine form of Julian: Youthful. Jove's child. Variant of Juliana. F

330 Gillien Latin Young. F
331 Gillot English A variant of Jill, which is believed to have been the origin of the term 'to jilt', used when a person unexpectedly rejects a lover or fiancT. F
332 Gimle Norse New heaven. F
333 Gimzo Biblical That bulrush. F
334 Gina English A diminutive of Georgina, Virgina, Eugina, Regina, and other names ending in -gina. Often used as an independent name. Famous bearer: twentieth century Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida. F
335 Gina Greek Well born. F
336 Ginebra Celtic White as foam. F
337 Ginebra Spanish White. F
338 Ginerva Celtic White as foam. F
339 Ginessa Celtic White as foam. F
340 Ginessa Spanish White. F