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361 Gisel Teutonic Oath. F
362 Gisela German From the Old German word 'gisil', meaning pledge. F
363 Gisele Teutonic Oath. F
364 Gisella French Pledge. F
365 Gisella German Pledge. F
366 Gisella Hungarian Pledge. F
367 Giselle French The French form of the German Gisela, meaning pledge. F
368 Giselle German Pledge. F
369 Gisilberhta German Hostage. F

370 Gispa Biblical Coming hither. F
371 Gita Indian Song. F
372 Gitana Spanish Gypsy. F
373 Githa English Gift. F
374 Gitta Celtic Strong. F
375 Gitta Hungarian Pearl. F
376 Gittah-hepher Biblical Digging, a wine-press. F
377 Gittaim Biblical A wine-press. F
378 Giuditta Italian Italian form of Judith. Praised. F
379 Giulia Italian Italian form of Julia: youthful. F
380 Giuliana Italian Variant of Juliana. Young. F