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601 Gulzar Muslim Garden.. F
602 Gunhilda Norse Battle maiden. F
603 Gunhilde Norse Battle maiden. F
604 Gunilla German Battle maiden. F
605 Gunilla Swedish Battle maid. F
606 Gunna Scottish White. F
607 Gunnef Swedish Battle maid. F
608 Gunnel German Battle maiden. F
609 Gunnhild Norse Battle maiden. F

610 Gunnhildr Norse Battle maiden. F
611 Gunnlod Norse Mother of Bragi. F
612 Gur Biblical The young of a beast, a whelp. F
613 Guri Norse Lovely. F
614 Gurice Hebrew Cub. F
615 Gurit Hebrew Cub. F
616 Guro Norse Divinely inspired wisdom. F
617 Gussie English A diminutive of Augusta, Augustina, Augustine, or Augustus. F
618 Gussie Greek Diminutive of Augustina: The feminine form of Augustine. F
619 Gussie Latin Diminutive of Augusta: Majestic, grand. The feminine form of Augustus; meaning majestic dignity or venerable, originally given to female relatives of Roman emperors. Famous bearer: British King George III's mother was named Augusta. F
620 Gust Dutch Feminine form of Gustaaf. F