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201 Graciela Latin Favor; blessing. The three mythological graces were nature goddesses: Aglaia: (brilliance); Thalia: (flowering); and Euphrosyne: (joy). F
202 Gracinha Latin Grace. F
203 Gradana Latin Grace. F
204 Grania Celtic Love. F
205 Grania Irish Variant of Grainne, meaning love. F
206 Grata Latin Grace. F
207 Gratia Latin Grace. F
208 Gratiana Latin Grace. F
209 Grazia Italian Grace. F

210 Grazia Latin Grace. F
211 Grazina Hebrew Grace. F
212 Grazinia Hebrew Grace. F
213 Grazyna Hebrew Grace. F
214 Grazyna Polish Grace. F
215 Gregoria Greek Observant. F
216 Gregoria Latin Watchful. F
217 Gregoria Spanish Vigilant. F
218 Gregoriana Greek Observant. F
219 Greta German Pearl. Abbreviation of Margaret. A diminutive of Margaret, meaning pearl. F
220 Greta Greek Variant of Margaret: Pearl. F