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141 Ginebra Spanish White. F
142 Ginerva Celtic White as foam. F
143 Ginessa Celtic White as foam. F
144 Ginessa Spanish White. F
145 Ginevra ArthurianLegend Variant of Guinevere: Fair one. Guinevere was King Arthur's mythological queen. F
146 Ginevra Italian An Italian variant of Guinevere, meaning fair and yielding. F
147 Ginna English Abbreviation of Virginia. F
148 Giordana Italian Feminine of Jordan. The Jordan River. F
149 Giovana Italian Feminine of John. Gift from God. F

150 Giovanna Hebrew Gracious gift from God. F
151 Giovanna Italian Feminine form of Giovanni: gift from God. F
152 Girelda Teutonic Capable with a spear. F
153 Gisa Hebrew Cut stone. F
154 Gisela German From the Old German word 'gisil', meaning pledge. F
155 Gisella French Pledge. F
156 Gisella German Pledge. F
157 Gisella Hungarian Pledge. F
158 Gisilberhta German Hostage. F
159 Gispa Biblical Coming hither. F
160 Gita Indian Song. F