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41 Georgie English A diminutive of Georgina, meaning tiller of the soil, or farmer. F
42 Georgine French Variant of Georgia. F
43 Georgine Greek Farmer. F
44 Georgitte French Feminine form of George. F
45 Geraldine English Rules by the spear, ruling spear. Feminine form of Gerald:. F
46 Geraldine German Mighty with a spear. Rules by the spear. Feminine of Gerald. F
47 Geraldine Teutonic Capable with a spear. F
48 Gerde German Protected. F
49 Gerde Teutonic Guarded. F

50 Gerdie German Protected. F
51 Gerdie Norse Protection. F
52 Gerhardine German Mighty with a spear. F
53 Germaine Celtic Loud of voice. F
54 Germaine French Feminine form of Jermaine: 'German' or 'from Germany', from the French word, Germain. Famous bearer: 1970s feminist writer Germaine Greer. F
55 Germaine Latin Feminine of Germain. Derives from a Roman name meaning 'brotherly. F
56 Germaine Teutonic Armed. F
57 Germane Teutonic Armed. F
58 Gerte Teutonic Warrior. F
59 Gertie German Diminutive of Gertrude: From the Old German name, meaning strong spear. F
60 Gertraude Teutonic Warrior. F