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61 Gertrude German From the Old German name, meaning strong spear. Famous bearers: Hamlet's mother in the Shakespearian tragedy 'Hamlet', and the seventh century abbess St Gertrude of Nivelles, British actress Gertrude Lawrence. F
62 Gethsemane Biblical A very fat or plentiful vale. F
63 Getrude Shakespearean 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' The Queen of Denmark, mother to Hamlet. F
64 Gezane Spanish Reference to the Incarnation. F
65 Ghislaine French A French name derived from the Old German 'gisil', meaning pledge. F
66 Ghislaine German Pleasant oath. F
67 Giancinte Greek Hyacinth. F
68 Gilberte Teutonic Hostage. F
69 Gilbertine Scottish Feminine form of Gilbert: Derived from the name Gilbride, meaning 'servant of St. Bridget'. F

70 Gimle Norse New heaven. F
71 Ginette German Variant of Genevieve: Of the race of women. White wave. Famous bearer: Saint Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris, believed to have protected Paris from Attila the Hun. F
72 Ginnette English Abbreviation of Virginia. F
73 Ginnie English Abbreviation of Virginia. F
74 Girgashite Biblical Who arrives from pilgrimage. F
75 Gisele Teutonic Oath. F
76 Giselle French The French form of the German Gisela, meaning pledge. F
77 Giselle German Pledge. F
78 Gizike Teutonic Oath. F
79 Glauce Greek Murdered by Medea. F
80 Glauce Latin Wife of Upis. F