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21 Glan Welsh From the shore. F
22 Glen Gaelic From the glen. Valley. F
23 Glenn Gaelic From the glen. Valley. Variant of Glenna. Famous bearer: actress Glenn Close. F
24 Glyn Welsh Fair; good. F
25 Glynn Welsh Fair; good. From the glenn. F
26 Goewin Welsh Legendary daughter of Pebin. F
27 Golan Biblical Passage, revolution. F
28 Gorasgwrn Welsh Legendary daughter of Nerth. F
29 Gorawen Welsh Joy. F

30 Goshen Biblical Approaching, drawing near. F
31 Gozan Biblical Fleece, pasture, who nourisheth the body. F
32 Gretchen German Diminutive of Margaret, meaning pearl. F
33 Gretchen Greek Variant of Margaret: Pearl. F
34 Gretchen Persian Variant of Margaret: Child of light. Famous Bearer: Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. F
35 Gudrun Danish Wise. F
36 Gudrun German Divine knowledge. F
37 Gudrun Norse Divinely inspired wisdom. F
38 Gudrun Swedish Wise. F
39 Guendolen English White. F
40 Gulshan Muslim Garden.. F