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281 Helga Scandinavian Holy; devout. F
282 Helga Swedish Holy. F
283 Helge Norse Holy. F
284 Helia Greek Of the sun. F
285 Helice Greek From Helicon. F
286 Helike Greek From Helicon. F
287 Helja Norse Saga name. F
288 Helle Greek Daughter of Athamas. F
289 Helli Finnish Finnish form of Helen. F

290 Helli Greek Light. F
291 Helma German Protective. F
292 Heloise French Derived from the Old German name Helewidis, meaning hale and wide. Also a French form of Louise. F
293 Helsa Hebrew Devoted to God. F
294 Helsin ArthurianLegend Mother of Lancelot. F
295 Hema Hindi Golden. F
296 Hemera Greek Day. F
297 Hen Biblical Grace, quiet, rest. F
298 Hen Teutonic Ruler of the home. F
299 Hena Biblical Troubling. F
300 Henadad Biblical Grace of the beloved. F