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421 Hildreth German Battle counselor. F
422 Hildur Norse A Valkyrie. F
423 Hilen Biblical A window, grief. F
424 Hillary English Variant of Hilary: Joyful, glad. Cheerful. Derived from the Latin name Hilarius. F
425 Hillary Latin 'Happy; Joyful; glad. F
426 Hilma German Protective. F
427 Hina Muslim Henna. Myrtle.. F
428 Hinaa Muslim Variant of Hina: Henna. Myrtle.. F
429 Hind Muslim Proper name. India. Land of Hindus.. F

430 Hinna Muslim Variant of Hina: Henna. Myrtle.. F
431 Hinnom Biblical There they are, their riches. F
432 Hiolair Irish Irish form of Hilary: happy. F
433 Hiordis Norse Second wife of Sigmund. F
434 Hippodameia Latin Daughter of Briseus. F
435 Hippodamia Greek Wife of Pirithous. F
436 Hippolyta Greek Feminine form of Hippolytus: Horse let loose. Queen of the Amazons. A character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream'. F
437 Hippolyta Shakespearean A Midsummer Night's Dream' Queen of the Amazons, bethrothed to Theseus. F
438 Hippolyte Greek Queen of the Amazons. F
439 Hippolyte Latin Queen of the Amazons. F
440 Hippothoe Latin An Amazon. F