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21 Halah Muslim Aureole.. F
22 Haleigh English Field of hay. Usually a surname. F
23 Halfrith English Peaceful home. F
24 Halimah Muslim Variant of Halima: Gentle. Patient. Mild. Humane.. F
25 Hallelujah Biblical Praise the Lord. F
26 Hamath Biblical Anger, heat, a wall. F
27 Hamath-zobah Biblical The heat, or the wall, of an army. F
28 Hamidah Muslim Commendable. Praised. Praiseworthy.. F
29 Hamoth Biblical Indignation. F

30 Hanah Israeli Favor; grace. F
31 Hanifah Muslim Variant of Hanifa: True believer.. F
32 Haniyyah Muslim Pleased. Happy. F
33 Hannah Biblical Gracious; merciful; one who gives. F
34 Hannah English Favor; grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel. F
35 Hannah Hebrew Favour or grace. God has favoured me. Mother of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament. F
36 Haqikah Egyptian Honest. F
37 Haradah Biblical Well of great fear. F
38 Harosheth Biblical A forest, agriculture, workmanship, deafness, silence. F
39 Hashubah Biblical Estimation, thought. F
40 Hazar-susah Biblical The hay-paunch of a horse. F