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201 Inkeri Finnish Hero's daughter. F
202 Inkeri Teutonic Hero's daughter. F
203 Ino Greek Daughter of Cadmus. F
204 Inoceneia Spanish Innocent. F
205 Inocenta Spanish Innocent. F
206 Intercidona Latin Goddess of birthing. F
207 Intisar Arabic Triumphant. F
208 Intisar Muslim Triumph.. F
209 Intisara Arabic Triumphant. F

210 Intizara Arabic Triumphant. F
211 Invidia Latin Envious. F
212 Inyx Latin Spell. F
213 Iola Greek Violet-colored dawn. Sister of Iphitus. F
214 Iola Welsh Valued by the Lord. Feminine form of Iolo: Diminutive of Iorwerth. F
215 Iolana Hawaiian To soar like the hawk. F
216 Iolantha Greek Violet. F
217 Iolanthe Greek Violet flower. The name of a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera from 1882. Also a mythological sea nymph and daughter of Oceanus. F
218 Iole Greek Sister of Iphitus. F
219 Iona Celtic From the king's island. F
220 Iona English Violet. F