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341 Isoude ArthurianLegend Lover of Tristan. F
342 Ispah Biblical A jasper stone. F
343 Istas NativeAmerican Snow. F
344 Ita Gaelic Thirsty. F
345 Ita Irish Thirst. Thirsty. F
346 Italy Biblical Abounding with calves or heifers. F
347 Ithmah Biblical An orphan. F
348 Itsaso Spanish Sea. F
349 Ituha NativeAmerican Sturdy oak. F

350 Iturea Biblical Guarded, mountainous. F
351 Itxaro Spanish Hope. F
352 Iulia Latin Young. F
353 Iulius Latin Youthful. F
354 Iva English A climbing evergreen ornamental plant. F
355 Iva French From the yew tree. F
356 Iva Hebrew Gift from God. F
357 Ivah Biblical Iniquity. F
358 Ivah Hebrew An Old Testament place name. F
359 Ivalyn English A climbing evergreen ornamental plant. F
360 Ivana Czechoslovakian Feminine of Ivan. F