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61 Imelda Spanish Powerful fighter. The name of a fourteenth-century Spanish saint. F
62 Immaculada Spanish The Immaculate Conception. F
63 Immaculata Latin The Immaculate Conception. F
64 Imogenia Latin Image. Blameless; innocent. F
65 Imperia Latin Commanding. F
66 Ina English A diminutive of any names ending in 'ina' or 'ena' (ie. Christina) used as a nickname. Famous bearer: In 1906 Queen Victoria's granddaughter Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena, known as Princess Ena, became Queen of Spain. F
67 Inca Scandinavian Ing's abundance. Feminine of Ing who was Norse mythological god of the earth's fertility. F
68 Inda English The country India. F
69 India Biblical Praise, law. F

70 India English The country India. F
71 Indiana English The country India. F
72 Indira Hindi The mythological wife of Vishnu. F
73 Indira Sanskrit Splendid. F
74 Indra Hindi King of the gods. F
75 Inesa Greek Kind or innocent. F
76 Inessa Russian Chaste. Variant of Agnes. F
77 Inferna Latin Proserpina's surname. F
78 Inga Danish Daughter of a hero. F
79 Inga Scandinavian Diminutive of lngeborg: Ing's protection (Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility). Hero's daughter. A feminine diminutive of Ingeborg. F
80 Inga Swedish Ing's daughter. F