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81 Inga Teutonic Hero's daughter. F
82 Ingria Finnish Hero's daughter. F
83 Ingria Teutonic Hero's daughter. F
84 Ingrida Norse Beauty of Froy. F
85 Ingunna Scandinavian Hero's daughter. F
86 Iniga Italian Fiery. F
87 Iniga Latin Fiery. F
88 Inoceneia Spanish Innocent. F
89 Inocenta Spanish Innocent. F

90 Intercidona Latin Goddess of birthing. F
91 Intisara Arabic Triumphant. F
92 Intizara Arabic Triumphant. F
93 Invidia Latin Envious. F
94 Iola Greek Violet-colored dawn. Sister of Iphitus. F
95 Iola Welsh Valued by the Lord. Feminine form of Iolo: Diminutive of Iorwerth. F
96 Iolana Hawaiian To soar like the hawk. F
97 Iolantha Greek Violet. F
98 Iona Celtic From the king's island. F
99 Iona English Violet. F
100 Iona Greek Violet, from the Greek word 'ion'. Amethyst. F