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101 Iona Scottish Dove. Also the name of a Scottish island. F
102 Ionanna Hebrew Grace. F
103 Ionessa Greek Amethyst. F
104 Ionia Greek Amethyst. F
105 Ionna Ukrainian God's gift. F
106 Iora Greek Pure. F
107 Iphegenia Greek Daughter sacrificed by Agamemnon. F
108 Iphimedeia Latin Daughter of Triopas. F
109 Irayna Greek Peace. Greek goddess of peace. F

110 Irena Greek Peace. F
111 Irena Russian Peace. F
112 Iriana Greek Peace. Greek goddess of peace. F
113 Irina Greek Peace. F
114 Irina Russian Peace. F
115 Irinia Greek Peace. F
116 Irisa Greek Rainbow. F
117 Irisa Russian Rainbow. Also a flower name. Iris was the mythological messenger-goddess who rode on rainbows from heaven to earth to deliver messages from Olympus. F
118 Irma German Universal, from the Old German 'irmin'. War goddess. F
119 Irma Latin Noble. F
120 Irmina German War goddess. F