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141 Isha Hebrew 'Woman. F
142 Ishma Biblical Named, marveling, desolation. F
143 Isidora Greek Variant of Isadora: Gift of Isis (this name is Greek even though Isis is an Egyptian deity). F
144 Isidora Spanish Gifted with many ideas. F
145 Isla Scottish From the name of a Scottish river. F
146 Isla Spanish Variant of Isabel: Devoted to God. A Spanish variant of Elizabeth. F
147 Isolda Celtic The fair. F
148 Isolda German Rule of ice. F
149 Isolda Welsh Beautiful. Fair. F

150 Ita Gaelic Thirsty. F
151 Ita Irish Thirst. Thirsty. F
152 Ituha NativeAmerican Sturdy oak. F
153 Iturea Biblical Guarded, mountainous. F
154 Iulia Latin Young. F
155 Iva English A climbing evergreen ornamental plant. F
156 Iva French From the yew tree. F
157 Iva Hebrew Gift from God. F
158 Ivana Czechoslovakian Feminine of Ivan. F
159 Ivana Hebrew Gift from God. F
160 Ivana Russian Feminine of Ivan: God's gracious gift. F