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321 Jeaterai Biblical Searching out. F
322 Jebusi Biblical Trodden under foot, mangers. F
323 Jecoliah Biblical Perfection, or power, of the Lord. F
324 Jeconiah Biblical Preparation, or stability, of the Lord. F
325 Jeena French Variant of John. God is gracious. F
326 Jeezer Biblical Island of help. F
327 Jegar-sahadutha Biblical Heap of witness. F
328 Jehaleleel Biblical Praising God, clearness of God. F
329 Jehalelel Biblical Praising God, clearness of God. F

330 Jehan Muslim The world.. F
331 Jehane French Feminine form of Jean. F
332 Jehaziel Biblical Seeing God. F
333 Jehiah Biblical The Lord liveth. F
334 Jehoaddan Biblical Pleasure, or time, of the Lord. F
335 Jehonadab Biblical Free giver, liberality. F
336 Jehosheba Biblical Fullness, or oath, of the Lord. F
337 Jehubbah Biblical Hiding, binding. F
338 Jehud Biblical Praising, conferring. F
339 Jehudi Biblical Praising, conferring. F
340 Jehudijah Biblical The praise of the Lord. F