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81 Jarnsaxa Norse A giant. F
82 Jasia Polish Polish form of Joanna: God is gracious. F
83 Jauhera Muslim Jewel. Gem.. F
84 Javiera Spanish Owns a new house. F
85 Jaya Hindi Victory. F
86 Jaydra Arabic Goodness. F
87 Jayna English Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor. Variant of Joan. F
88 Jazmina English Modern variant of Jasmine; combination of Jocelyn and the musical term jazz. F
89 Jeana French Variant of John. God is gracious. F

90 Jeanetta French Little Jean. God is gracious. F
91 Jeanina French Diminutive form of Jane or Jeanne. F
92 Jeanna French Variant of John. God is gracious. F
93 Jeena French Variant of John. God is gracious. F
94 Jegar-sahadutha Biblical Heap of witness. F
95 Jehosheba Biblical Fullness, or oath, of the Lord. F
96 Jelena Russian Shining light. Variant of Helena. F
97 Jemila African Variant of Jameelah. Beautiful. (Somali and Swahili). F
98 Jemila Arabic Variant of Jameelah. Beautiful. F
99 Jemima Arabic Little dove. In the bible one of Job's three daughters known as the most beautiful women of their time: (the other two were Keziah and Keren). F
100 Jemima Biblical Handsome as the day. F