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781 Koko NativeAmerican Night (Black Foot). F
782 Kokyangwuti NativeAmerican Spider woman at middle age (Hopi). F
783 Kolby English Dark-skinned. F
784 Koldobika Teutonic Renowned holiness. F
785 Koldobike Teutonic Renowned holiness. F
786 Kolena English Variant of Katherine. Pure. F
787 Kolena Greek Variant of Katherine. Pure. F
788 Kolete Greek People's victory. F
789 Kolette Greek People's victory. F

790 Kolina Greek Pure. F
791 Koline Greek Pure. F
792 Kolinka Danish Born to the conquering people. F
793 Konstanza Latin Firm. F
794 Konstanze Latin Firm. F
795 Kontxesi Basque Refers to the Immaculate Conception. F
796 Kore Greek Pure. F
797 Koren Greek Pure. F
798 Kornelia Latin Horn. F
799 Kornelie Latin Horn. F
800 Kort English Variant abbreviation of Sydney. F