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201 Kerta Teutonic Warrior. F
202 Kesara Spanish Youthful. F
203 Kesava Hindi She of the beautiful hair. F
204 Ketifa Arabic Flowering. F
205 Ketura Hebrew Incense. F
206 Keva English Beautiful child. Feminine of Kevin. F
207 Kevia English Beautiful child. Feminine of Kevin. F
208 Kevina English Beautiful child. Feminine of Kevin. F
209 Kezia Biblical Superficies, the angle, cassia. F

210 Kezia Hebrew Variant of Keziah: 'Cassia; sweet-scented spice.' Keziah was one of Job's three fair daughters in the bible. This name was popular with Puritans in the 12th century. F
211 Khaalida Muslim Variant of Khalida: Immortal. Deathless.. F
212 Khadeeja Muslim Variant of Khadijah: Premature daughter. First wife of Prophet Muhammad.. F
213 Khaleeqa Muslim Variant of Khaliqa: Well mannered.. F
214 Khalida Muslim Immortal. Deathless.. F
215 Khaliqa Muslim Well mannered.. F
216 Khasa Indian Daughter of Daksha. F
217 Khateeba Muslim Variant of Khatiba: Orator. Preacher.. F
218 Khatiba Muslim Orator. Preacher.. F
219 Khawala Muslim Servant. Dancer.. F
220 Khristina English Variant of Christiana. Follower of Christ. F