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1 Kaci English A phonetic form of the initials K. C. Also a variant of the Irish name Casey: alert; vigorous. F
2 Kadi English Rhyming variant of Katy, meaning pure; or Cady, meaning a rhythmic flow of sounds. F
3 Kaeli English Variant of Kay and Kayla, meaning: keeper of the keys; pure. F
4 Kahli English Modern variant of Callie. F
5 Kai Hawaiian The sea. F
6 Kailani Hawaiian Sea and sky. F
7 Kalani Hawaiian The sky;chieftain. F
8 Kalei Hawaiian The flower wreath; the beloved. F
9 Kali Greek Rosebud. F

10 Kali Hawaiian Hesitation. F
11 Kali Hindi In Mythology Kali is wife of Shiva and a Hindu goddess symbolizing the essence of destruction. F
12 Kalindi Indian Daughter of the sun god. F
13 Kalindi Sanskrit The sun. A Hindu mythological reference to the mountains of Kalinda or the sacred Kalindi river. F
14 Kalli English Modern variant of Callie meaning: lark. F
15 Kaloni Hawaiian The sky;chieftain. F
16 Kami English Variant of names like Kamelia and Kamille. F
17 Kami Japanese Lord. F
18 Kammi English Variant of names like Kamelia and Kamille. F
19 Kammi Japanese Variant of Kami. Lord. F
20 Kandi English Modern variant of Candace - ancient hereditary title used by Ethiopian queens. F