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281 Leia English Meadow. F
282 Leia Hawaiian Child of heaven; heavenly flowers. F
283 Leianna English Derived from an Irish Gaelic of Helen: (light;beautiful woman); variant of Liana: (youthful;bond). F
284 Leigb English Meadow. F
285 Leigh English Feminine form of Lee: Meadow or wood. Shelter. Surname or given name. F
286 Leila Arabic Born at night. F
287 Leila Irish Name of a saint. F
288 Leila Muslim Variant of Layla: Night. Born at night. Sweetheart.. F
289 Leila Persian Dark. Born at night. Heroine of Byron's 'The Giaour' (1813). F

290 Leilah Arabic Born at night. F
291 Leilah Persian Variant of Leila: Dark. Born at night. F
292 Leilani Hawaiian Heavenly flower. F
293 Leira Spanish Reference to the Virgin Mary. F
294 Leirioessa Latin Mother of Narcissus. F
295 Leiriope Latin Mother of Narcissus. F
296 Leis Latin Mother of Althepus. F
297 Leitha Greek Forgetful. F
298 Leitis Gaelic Happy. F
299 Lekah Biblical Walking, going. F
300 Lela Arabic Born at night. F