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301 Lela French Loyal. Loyalty. Faithful. F
302 Lela Latin From Laelius. F
303 Lela Persian Variant of Leila: Dark. Born at night. F
304 Lelah Latin From Laelius. F
305 Lelia Greek Well spoken. F
306 Lelia Latin Feminine form of the Roman family name Laelius. From Laelius. F
307 Lelia Teutonic Loyal. F
308 Lemuela Hebrew Devoted to God. F
309 Lena English Name suffix. F

310 Lena Greek Diminutive of Helena: The bright one. F
311 Lena Latin Alluring. F
312 Lena Scandinavian Name suffix. F
313 Lena Swedish Light. F
314 Lenci Greek Light. F
315 Lenci Hungarian Light. F
316 Lene Norse Distinguished. F
317 Lenet Latin Mild. F
318 Leneta Latin Mild. F
319 Lenis Latin Mild. F
320 Lenita Latin Mild. F