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541 Lilybeth English Blend of Lily: the flower; innocence; purity; beauty; and Elizabeth: My God is bountiful;God of plenty. F
542 Lilybeth Latin Graceful lily. F
543 Lima Latin Goddess of the threshold. F
544 Limentina Latin Goddess of the threshold. F
545 Lin Chinese Family name. F
546 Lin English Waterfall. F
547 Lin Norse One of Frigga's ladies in waiting. F
548 Lina Arabic Delicate. F
549 Lina Dutch Pure. F

550 Lina English Derived from ending of Carolina. F
551 Lina Greek Light. F
552 Lina Latin Diminutive of Carolina: Strong. A latinized form of Caroline. Famous bearer: the American states of North and South Carolina were named after British king Charles I. F
553 Lina Muslim Tender.. F
554 Lina Swedish Light. F
555 Lind German Snake. F
556 Linda English Lime tree; linden tree. F
557 Linda German Snake. Lime tree; linden tree. Can also be a diminutive of any name ending in -linda. F
558 Linda Latin Beautiful. F
559 Linda Spanish Pretty. F
560 Linden English The linden tree. F