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861 Luell English Famous elf. F
862 Luella English Variant of Louella: Famous elf. Also a compound of the names Lou and Ella. F
863 Luella Latin Make amends. F
864 Luella Spanish Feminine of Louis. F
865 Luete German Of the people. F
866 Luhith Biblical Made of boards. F
867 Luighseach Irish Torch bringer. F
868 Luigina Greek Well born. F
869 Luijzika German Renowned warrior. F

870 Luisa Italian Italian form of Louise: reknowned warrior. F
871 Luisa Polish Famous battle maid. F
872 Luisa Spanish Spanish form of Louise: famous in war. F
873 Luise German Renowned warrior. F
874 Luiza Spanish Feminine of Louis. F
875 Lujza German Renowned warrior. F
876 Lukene Latin Light. F
877 Lulita Teutonic Famous in war. F
878 Luloah Muslim Variant of Lu'lu: Pearls. Gems.. F
879 Lulu African Pearl (Tanzanian). F
880 Lulu English Diminutive of Lucy: Variant of Lucia: Light. Pet form of the names Louise or Louella. F