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201 Leota German Of the people. F
202 Lera Spanish Reference to the Virgin Mary. F
203 Lerola Latin Blackbird. F
204 Leta Greek Variant of Leda who was the Mythological queen of Sparta and mother of Helen of Troy. F
205 Leta Latin Joyful. Derived from a diminutive ending i.e. Rosalita. F
206 Letha Greek Forgetful. F
207 Lethia Greek Forgetful. F
208 Letisha Latin Great joy. Variant of Letitia. F
209 Letitia English Modern form of medieval name Letitia. Joyful;happy. F

210 Letitia Latin Joyful. F
211 Letitia Spanish Happy. F
212 Letizia Italian Glad. F
213 Letya French Tiny and womanly. F
214 Leucothea Greek A sea nymph. F
215 Leucothia Greek A sea nymph. F
216 Levana Latin Raise up. Levana was the Roman mythological goddess and protectress of newborns. F
217 Levema Latin Goddess of thieves. F
218 Levia Hebrew Join. F
219 Levina English Issh. F
220 Levina Spanish Derived from the Roman given name Levinia. F