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41 Lana Hawaiian Afloat; calm as still waters. F
42 Lana Irish A diminutive of Alana: Child. Famous Bearer: American actress Lana Turner. F
43 Lanassa Russian Cheerful. F
44 Landa Spanish Reference to the Virgin Mary. F
45 Landra German 'Counselor.' Abbreviation of Landrada. F
46 Landra Spanish Counselor. Abbreviation of Landrada. F
47 Landrada Spanish Counselor. F
48 Lanka Hindi From Lanka. F
49 Lanna English Variant of Lana. Fair; good-looking. F

50 Laodamia Greek Wife of Protesilaus. F
51 Laodamia Latin Daughter of Bellerophon. F
52 Laodicea Biblical Just people. F
53 Laquisha English Lakeisha and its variants are rhyming forms of Leticia. Joyful; happy. F
54 Lara Latin Famous. F
55 Lara Russian Protection. Cheerful. Adopted from Latin. F
56 Lara Scottish Mare. F
57 Lara Spanish Protection. Popular surname and place name. F
58 Lareina English Variant of Loraine, meaning from Lorraine. F
59 Lareina Spanish The queen. F
60 Larena English Variant of Loraine, meaning from Lorraine. F