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1 Labibah Muslim Variant of Labiba: Wise. Intelligent.. F
2 Lailah Muslim Variant of Layla: Night. Born at night. Sweetheart.. F
3 Laish Biblical A lion. F
4 Laleh Persian Flower. F
5 Laoidheach Gaelic From the pasture. F
6 Lashah Biblical To call, to anoint. F
7 Lateefah Muslim Variant of Latifah: Gentle. Kind. Pleasant. Friendly.. F
8 Latifah Muslim Gentle. Kind. Pleasant. Friendly.. F
9 Laylah Sanskrit Born at night. F

10 Leah Biblical Weary, tired. F
11 Leah English Meadow. F
12 Leah Hebrew Tired. Cow. First wife of Jacob in the Old Testament. Leah became Jacob's first wife by trickery, as Jacob had intended to marry her younger and more beautiful sister, Rachel, who soon became his second and favoured wife. F
13 Lebaoth Biblical Lividness. F
14 Lebonah Biblical The moon, whiteness, frankincense. F
15 Leigh English Feminine form of Lee: Meadow or wood. Shelter. Surname or given name. F
16 Leilah Arabic Born at night. F
17 Leilah Persian Variant of Leila: Dark. Born at night. F
18 Lekah Biblical Walking, going. F
19 Lelah Latin From Laelius. F
20 Liesheth Hebrew Devoted to God. F