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961 Melynda English Blend of Melissa and Linda. F
962 Melynda Greek Blend of Melissa and Linda. F
963 Memdi NativeAmerican Henna. F
964 Memphis Biblical Abode of the good. F
965 Menachema Hebrew Consolation. F
966 Menachemah Hebrew Consolation. F
967 Menahem Biblical Comforter, who conducts them, preparation of heat. F
968 Menan Biblical Numbered, rewarded, prepared. F
969 Mendi Spanish Reference to the Virgin Mary. F

970 Mene Biblical Who reckons or is counted. F
971 Menglad Norse Won by Svipdag. F
972 Meonenim Biblical Charmers, regarders of times. F
973 Meoquanee NativeAmerican Wears red (Chippewa). F
974 Mephaath Biblical Appearance, or force, of waters. F
975 Meralda Latin Emerald. Abbreviation of Esmeralda. F
976 Mercede Italian Merciful. F
977 Mercedes Latin Merry. F
978 Mercedes Spanish Mercy. Derived from one of the Spanish titles for the Virgin Mary (Maria de las Mercedes). F
979 Mercedez Latin Mercies. Refers to Mary as Our Lady of Mercies. F
980 Mercer English Merchant. F