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1041 Mertise English Famous. F
1042 Mertysa English Famous. F
1043 Merula Latin Blackbird. F
1044 Meryl Arabic Myrrh. F
1045 Meryl Celtic Variant of Muriel: Bright sea. F
1046 Meryl French Blackbird. F
1047 Meryl Latin Blackbird. F
1048 Mesi Egyptian Water. F
1049 Meskhenet Egyptian Destiny. F

1050 Mesobaite Biblical The Lord's standing-place; a little doe F
1051 Mesopotamia Biblical Between two rivers. F
1052 Messena Latin Middle child. F
1053 Messina Latin Middle child. F
1054 Messinia Latin Middle child. F
1055 Meta Danish Danish form of Margaret. F
1056 Meta Greek Variant of Margaret: Pearl. F
1057 Meta Latin Goal. F
1058 Meta Persian Variant of Margaret: Child of light. Famous Bearer: Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. F
1059 Metea Greek Gentle. F
1060 Metheg-ammah Biblical Bridle of bondage. F