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1201 Minnie Teutonic Loving memory. F
1202 Minnith Biblical Reckoned, prepared. F
1203 Minny Teutonic Loving memory. F
1204 Minta Greek Plant name. F
1205 Mintha Greek Plant name. F
1206 Minty English Diminutive of Araminta: Thought to be a compound of Arabella and Aminta, invented by Restoration dramatist Sir John Vanbrugh. F
1207 Minty Greek Diminutive of Aminta: Protector. F
1208 Minty Latin Diminutive of Aminta: Protector. A 17th century literary invention inspired by the Greek name for protector. F
1209 Mira Greek Abundance. F

1210 Mira Hebrew Bitter. F
1211 Mira Indian A mythical princess. F
1212 Mira Latin Diminutive of Miranda or Mirabel: Worthy of admiration; wonderful; marvelous. F
1213 Mira Slavic Variant of Myra and Miranda. F
1214 Mirabel Latin Wonderful. F
1215 Mirabella French Of incredible beauty. F
1216 Mirabella Latin Variant of Mirabel: Wonderful. F
1217 Mirabelle French Of incredible beauty. F
1218 Mirabelle Latin Variant of Mirabel: Wonderful. F
1219 Mirai Basque Miracle. F
1220 Miranda Latin Worthy of admiration; wonderful. Young innocent girl in Shakespeare's The Tempest raised and educated on an isolated island by magician father. F