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1401 Moyna Irish Variant of Mona: Noble. F
1402 Moyra Hebrew Variant of Mary: Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter. F
1403 Mozah Biblical Unleavened. F
1404 Mu'azzama Muslim Exalted. Respected.. F
1405 Muadhnait Gaelic Noble. F
1406 Muadhnait Irish Noble one. F
1407 Mubaarika Muslim Variant of Mubarika: Blessed. Auspicious.. F
1408 Mubarika Muslim Blessed. Auspicious.. F
1409 Mubeena Muslim Variant of Mubina: Evident. Clear.. F

1410 Mubina Muslim Evident. Clear.. F
1411 Mufidah Muslim Useful.. F
1412 Muhjah Muslim Heart's blood. Soul.. F
1413 Muhsana Muslim Well-protected. Married.. F
1414 Muiel Irish Knows the sea. F
1415 Muira Scottish From the moor. F
1416 Muire Irish Bitter. F
1417 Muire Scottish Bitter or from the moor. F
1418 Muireall Gaelic Bitter. F
1419 Muireann Irish Long haired. F
1420 Muirgheal Irish Knows the sea. F