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281 Maryska Ukrainian Bitter. F
282 Maryssa Latin Of the sea. Variant of Marie and Mary. F
283 Mas'ouda Muslim Happy. Lucky. Fortunate.. F
284 Masha Russian Bitter. F
285 Masia Polish Bitter. F
286 Masika Egyptian Born during rain. F
287 Massima Italian Great. F
288 Massima Latin The best. F
289 Mastoora Muslim Variant of Mastura: Hidden. Chaste.. F

290 Mastura Muslim Hidden. Chaste.. F
291 Matea Hebrew God's gift. F
292 Mathea Hebrew God's gift. F
293 Mathia Hebrew God's gift. F
294 Mathilda French Strong in war. Strength for battle. F
295 Mathilda German Mighty battle maiden. F
296 Mathilda Teutonic Battle maiden. F
297 Matilda ArthurianLegend Mother of Merlin. F
298 Matilda French Strong in war. Strength for battle. F
299 Matilda German Strength in battle. Matilda was the wife of William the Conqueror. Used in Australia as slang for a bushman's pack. F
300 Matilda Greek Brave in war. F